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RITE is a high-speed, precision platformer where you must conquer a series of demanding trials, a rite of passage for every Nim. Find the key and reach the exit to move on to the next trial, and maybe collect some gold along the way. Who knows, they could prove valuable to those who like a brutal challenge..

For fans of platformers old and new, RITE features 160 carefully crafted levels, fluid and responsive controls, lush pixel art, and an original soundtrack by Grand Prize Big Fuzz.

Available 07.07.2020 for Windows

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Release date Jul 06, 2020
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withGameMaker, Audacity, Aseprite, Bfxr
Tags16-bit, 2D, Difficult, Fast-Paced, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, Speedrun
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
LinksSteam, Homepage


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Fantastic game. There are so many precision platformers out there these days but this one is a cut above. Controls feel just right. Lovely aesthetic. Very challenging and also replayable.    

There seems to be an issue with this game's controller support, at least on Linux. When using any controller, it only interprets a few inputs, most of them incorrectly. D-pad is entirely nonfunctional, left trigger makes the player move right, moving left is not possible, and the left primary button (Y on Switch Pro / Square on Dualsense) restarts instead of the restart button shown in the instructions. I've primarily been testing with my dualsense controller. Do you have any idea what might be the issue here?

After slowing playing through the Ukraine bundle, I found this wonderful game. so glad i played it 

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Hi creators,

You sent me a game key on keymailor, but I played it a few months later. Your game is incredibly fun. I beat 100% of the game, with all the crowns. I have the full playthrough on youtube and twitch if you want. Because your game is so fun, I have to encourage you so I bought the game also on itch with an extra bonus ;)

Thank you very much for your great and fantastic game. I hope you will make a sequel.

Heya, thank you so much for the kind words! Amazing work getting all the crowns. 

Thank you for the generous support <3

This very challenging but a lot of fun!


I’ve been playing on switch but apparently also own it on itch.io through the Ukraine bundle.  I’ve completed “Rite of the Mountain” and am working towards collecting gold for the final world.  This game is really good.  Thanks for putting it out into the world!

Thank you so much for playing!

(and sorry for the very late reply!)

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RITE es un fantástico juego de plataformas de precisión con un hermoso pixel art reminiscente a la era de los 16 bits. Es corto, pero muy intenso.

Hice esta review hablando de el en menos de un minuto:


Fantastic pixel art! 


So. After 6 hours I ended this game (except for last 'world' the white one) and it's a jewel. I loved it.

Now, I talk to you dear PondGames: 

I'm too curious to know what you went through as a child for creating such ruthless levels. 

I literally destroyed the jump button because it felt like there was such like 5 different jumps based on pressure.

After I have collected all the coins I need a psicologist.

I'm doing irony, great jop here.

There is a little bit to fix (the button pression maybe, idk), but still one of my favorite games of this genre. <3

I had a really good time playing this game! I love the visuals and it felt so good to speedrun from level to level with only milliseconds of load times!

Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed your time with RITE :)


Hello :)

I'll be straight forward. I really love your work in RITE and want to discuss with you and your team at Pond games :)

I  work for a big french studio, please contact us : contact@miinded.com

Sent also an email at hello@pond.games. Hope we can talk soon :)


He comprado el juego en Steam y me parece muy divertido y desafiante. Me permite jugar a ratos sin tener que preocuparme de leer textos y seguir una historia. La música es excelente y el manejo del personaje fluido y suave. Una auténtica delicia de juego. Estaré muy pendiente de tus próximos lanzamientos. 

Thank you so much! So kind <3

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This is a REALLY good game. Really good value too. The game's a little mechanically twitchy in places, but this is forgivable overall. and the controls are generally solid. It helps that the game does a really good job of the "encouraging" level design. These are challenging levels made to be beaten, not made to be struggled on indefinitely.

The name is also fitting; speaking of level design, a lot of obstacles and levels had a very natural rhythm and flow of their own; I like that the nature of the "Rite" is left a little in the player's imagination, but the game fits the name in a good way.

There are a lot of games like this that present a number of absurd collectibles. This is one of the few that's made me want to go back and get them. Whether I really will is for another time, but the fact that I want to? That's something.

Keep up the good work!


Hey kkairos, thank you so much for the kind words! Really glad you enjoyed RITE :)

Made an account just to say that I bought this game on steam and I'm loving every second of it. So far, it's not too tough and I'm almost finished with world 2 after just under an hour. I love the music too, good stuff!


Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes, the first 2 worlds aren't too challenging for experienced players.. it does ramp up late game :)

You're welcome! I'm excited for the spike in difficulty, but I haven't played anything much recently,  so right now I'm at the end of world 3.

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Wow it's really good, I'm making and platformer and it almost made me quit! Very juicy feeling, the music is good too. Classic but very well done. A lot of stuff for me to learn to achieve something this quality. Did you use any framework or game engine? 

Edit: woops sorry I clicked on "more info" and I saw.


Hey! Don't quit!!
Also as for the framework, yes it's built in GameMaker Studio 2, but the character movement is based on code in tutorial videos by Shaun Spalding. Then tweeked as needed, as well as adding things like jump buffering. Fluid animations go a long way to gameplay feeling good too.


love it! sometimes less is more! Mecanics we all know but done in a clever way. Not crazy hard as I expected, which is good; lot of rooms to learn the patterns step by step. 

The animation is surprisingly good.

I would like, you know, at least a couple of lines, images, something that tells us "why" we are doing this. I know story is not the most important in that case, but it would help keeping the motivation to finish the level.

Also, yeah, having options in the pause menu, because I got rapidly annoyed by these sfx.

otherwise, great :)

Thank you for the feedback! Greatly appreciated. The lack of story has been mentioned by a number of players, something I will focus on more in future projects :)

Love the design elements and the game in general is so fluid. Superb work!


Thank you thank you!


Can you make the soundtrack avilable on itch too?


Hey! I'll look into it, should be able to :)
For now, you can listen to the soundtrack on the artist's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV2-d1GEPxQ
Or his bandcamp https://grandprizebigfuzz.bandcamp.com/


Hi again, the OST is available on itch now too :)

sweet thanks!


This game is amazing! The art, controls, music and everything else is simply perfect!


Thanks for the support and kind words KingKelpo! :)

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Very fun game, enjoying it a lot so far. However I was surprised to find out that there are no options whatsoever. I get that the game is trying to be minimalist, but wish there were at least basic options such as scaling resolution, fullscreen toggle and audio adjustments. Is there any chance this will be patched in?


Hey there! Thank you! Yep, audio and resolution options are the tops priorities for an update, we don't have a fixed date for that update yet. Thanks for playing :)

It's such a pretty game! Some of the symmetrical levels are mesmerizing in combination with the soundtrack. Overall a really solid platformer that feels a bit like N+ or Super Meat Boy.

Thanks so much! So glad you're enjoying it :)

Why is it unavailable? What happened?

Hey! It's released now, should be available :)

Hi, would the game be runnable on macos via wine? I can help check that for you if you want.

Hey there! Thanks for the offer, not really sure what wine on MacOS is, but we will look into it :)